About Us

Let me take this opportunity to Introduce Gujarat Radiation Services and its associated services.

Gujarat Radiation Services Associate Concern of RENENTECH LABORATORIES PVT.LTD, MUMBAI , is AERB Authorized company to provide Quality Assurance Services to all Radio-Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment.

Gujarat Radiation Services closely works with RENENTECH LABORATORIES PVT.LTD, MUMBAI and ensures smoother and timely delivery. We offer a high quality testing service providing tests in compliance with the Ionizing Radiations Regulations and recognized good practice.

We provide consulting and delivery in end-to-end services that includes:

● Quality assurance services to all Radio- Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment

● Consultancy for Assisting in AERB License

Our people have an in depth understanding of what it takes to satisfy Government standards. All are trained by the AERB or AERB approved agencies.

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