Consultancy For Assisting in AERB License

Consultancy Assisting for AERB License :

We provide consulting for AERB registration for medical X Ray equipments installed in hospitals, diagnostic centers, etc.

We carry out certain activities to fulfill the requirements of AERB for installation and commissioning of X Ray equipments.

Following are listed services for AERB registration:
  • Quality assurance of radiation equipments by measuring parameters like Kvp, Dose, Dose Rate, Time and HVL and total filtration.
  • Image quality performance/quality inspection of radiation equipments.
  • Measurements of leakage radiation.
  • Area Surveillance of radiation work environment.
  • Testing of radiation protection accessories.
  • 100% assistance in registration of radiation equipments with AERB.
  • Assistance in TLD Badge application.
  • Conducting radiation safety workshops.

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